You want to publish your thesis? With our tips you do not fall for a dubious provider (because, these are abound!).

Unlike dissertations, there is a right of publication for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma theses in Germany and no obligation to publish. Only a few theses are ever published. After expiry of the statutory retention period at the university, the scientific work will be destroyed.

Turn your thesis into money

With the completion of your thesis, you acquire the sole copyright in the sense of intellectual property and thus also the rights of use in copying, distribution, publication and public access. So it’s not closer to wanting to convert your intellectual work into face value: after all, you’ve taken a lot of time and scientifically worked on a topic!

Attention: If you have completed your thesis in cooperation with a company, you must obtain written approval from the company prior to publication.

Publishing search for the scientific work

If you decide to publish, you need to look for a publisher. Several publishers have specialized in publishing scientific papers.

But there are also black sheep. Quite a few publishers come directly to you: These research the university libraries for new titles and then contact you via Xing or Facebook. You will usually receive fees only if a minimum number of copies of your work are sold within a certain period of time. As a rule, such offers do not cost you much more than € 30 a year – if at all.

Personal appointment protects against black sheep

The rule is: always go to publishers and ask for a personal appointment. Most important questions: Which production costs arise for you? What does the fee system look like? How long are you bound to the publisher and what are the limitations of your sole copyright? Contracts should always be checked by a lawyer before signing!